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Tightlacing Support's Journal
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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
12:37 pm
My story
Myself and a few others have ordered corsets from L Escarpolette and have had a lot of problems. 
A few of you may remember months ago, I wrote to this community explaining that she would not respond to me, so here is my story.
I ordered an overbust corset and paid in full $450 on Feb. 13, 2007.  I recieved both of my mockups and thing went well for the first few months.  Then Joyce would stop responding to my emails.  She would sign on to Myspace and her Etsy shop everyday, but would not respond to my emails.  Someone from this community wrote to her for me, and Joyce responded to that lady within hours, yet still NEVER responded to me.  After the lady wrote Joyce, I wrote 1 week later and told her I would file a paypal dispute if she didn't respond to me.  She finally responded with an arrogant email.  This email was received after 3 months of attempting to write her more than once a week.  I've tried adding her as a friend of Myspace and Livejournal, so I can also write her there, but she won't add me.  I've written to her also from her website.  I finally asked for my money back, since all the events I wanted to wear the corset to has past and I no longer wear the same size.  She is back to not responding to any of my emails.   Basically I feel like I am out of $450 and since I know I am not alone in this (I know of multiple other people going through the exact same thing) I wanted to warn others of what is going on.
If anyone wants to come forward and talk about an experience they are going through or can in any way help those of us, please come forward.
Thursday, December 6th, 2007
9:57 am
Organizing my thoughts
As a young boy I've always been interested in corsetry. Digging through history books in the library and taking time reading the texts and studying the photographs depicted, mainly form the Victorean era. This has now developed in healthy interest in steampunk and a love of corsets. Not that I'm that old... it's still only 24 years since I was brought to this world. The internet is a much faster way of gathering information, making my searches quicker and easier. Accumulating into the fact that I own two corsets now.

As a young man.... well sort off, I don't really feel all that much of an adult. I occasionally wear my corsets, not as much as I want. Not for obtaining the perfect hourglass figure. But for the feeling of it. I lace down to about 2-3 inches below my natural waist and that is more than enough for me. The slight compression around my torso feels comforting and secure. To me it's not so much for the looks, I'm skinny enough already. But the embracing feeling that a corset provides.

Mainly just to organize my thoughts I made this post. But I'm curious as well, to your motivations. Why did you started lacing and what are your objectives?

And I should really get myself a corset related usericon ;)

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, November 29th, 2007
9:39 pm
Hi im a newbie..I take it there's no app for this community right? I used to be on livejournal but it was a wee bit ago. My name's rachel I live in Britain and I'm just beginning to tightlace now... I love corsets but only have 2 (one of which is new for daily wear) has anybody here got below 20"? I think 22 is my first goal as I'm starting at 24/5.
10:55 am

Due to a  lot of stress and a lot of things going on, I'm only wearing my corset a few hours a day.  Today though, I'm going to attempt to wear it all the way through school, which means from 7:30 AM till 9 or 10PM tonight.  If I can make it that long, I would be very proud. 
Either way I'm going to attempt my first night sleeping in my corset!  Once I took a nap in my corset, but so far that has been it.  

Everybody, keep us updated on your progress :)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
11:46 pm
Hello, I have been planning to tightlace for quite some time, but it seems like life always gets in the way. Well, to be perfectly honest of my eventual goal, I have been somewhat actively planning to convert to everyday Victorian. This is a somewhat loftier goal than just tightlacing, though, and farther from happening.

The first time I decided to start waist training, I got through the day fine. That night, though, I went to a movie screening and this was the one time they were using metal-detectors on the entering audience. Much to my horror, the wand beeped when it got to my waist and I had to show the security men my corset in front of my friends and the rest of the line waiting to get in. It sort of put me out of the mood to continue at that time. :P I thought you guys might enjoy my tale of anguish.

But I am once again getting that urge. Next time I have some extra cash, I think I'll commission a custom corset, as my short pear-shaped frame tends to differ from the standard off-the-rack measurements.
Monday, November 26th, 2007
6:01 pm

So, today I started my tightlacing.....except the boning in the back of my corset twisted somehow and hurt like hell.....I'm working on fixing it

10:09 am
So, I just created this community and I really do hope it picks up :)

This is a place to support those tightlacing, beginners and experts, and those who are just generally interested in corsets.

I am just starting my tightlacing journey, though I have been wearing corsets for years.  I figured there should be a place for people to share the experience and questions.

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