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Hi im a newbie..I take it there's no app for this community right? I used to be on livejournal but it was a wee bit ago. My name's rachel I live in Britain and I'm just beginning to tightlace now... I love corsets but only have 2 (one of which is new for daily wear) has anybody here got below 20"? I think 22 is my first goal as I'm starting at 24/5.
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Welcome to the tight lacing club :D I don't really live in Britain, but I'm going to be studying there for a while and I'm dating a British guy, so I was like the most British person in the group up until now. lol. 21" is my tight lacing goal, I'm just starting off right now too. But I ran into trouble with my corset, so I need to shop for a new one some time (and will probably do it in Britain).