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Organizing my thoughts

As a young boy I've always been interested in corsetry. Digging through history books in the library and taking time reading the texts and studying the photographs depicted, mainly form the Victorean era. This has now developed in healthy interest in steampunk and a love of corsets. Not that I'm that old... it's still only 24 years since I was brought to this world. The internet is a much faster way of gathering information, making my searches quicker and easier. Accumulating into the fact that I own two corsets now.

As a young man.... well sort off, I don't really feel all that much of an adult. I occasionally wear my corsets, not as much as I want. Not for obtaining the perfect hourglass figure. But for the feeling of it. I lace down to about 2-3 inches below my natural waist and that is more than enough for me. The slight compression around my torso feels comforting and secure. To me it's not so much for the looks, I'm skinny enough already. But the embracing feeling that a corset provides.

Mainly just to organize my thoughts I made this post. But I'm curious as well, to your motivations. Why did you started lacing and what are your objectives?

And I should really get myself a corset related usericon ;)
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