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So, today I started my tightlacing.....except the boning in the back of my corset twisted somehow and hurt like hell.....I'm working on fixing it

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I'm having issues with my particular corset too. First, the boning keeps popping out. I also think there's not enough boning in it, because it keeps scrunching up. Third, the busk keeps going off to a diagonal... I think that's because I have scoliosis though >_< Anyways, I feel your pain. This will be repair job #2 for me.

Hoping to get a better corset some time.
My corset is very nice. It's retailed at $275 and though it is an off-the-rack it fits me better than my customs!
I've worn this corset over 100 times, for up to 12 hours at a time with up to a 6 inch reduction and NEVER had any issue with this corset. I don't know what is wrong with it.
It's this corset:
That's more than twice what I paid, but it sounds like it was worth it! I can definitely see the quality of it in that picture :D Where did that one come from?
It's a Isabella Customiere I bought from Trashy Diva in new orleans
Sounds like that was a fun shopping trip :D Do you live in New Orleans or was that on vacation?

I found a webpage for Isabella Costumiere, but it looks more expensive than the other place I was looking at, Forever in Black ( They've got a custom waist training corset for 94.99 pounds, which isn't bad even with the horrifying exchange rate. In fact, I've seen my boyfriend spend almost that much on a shirt before.
I was on vacation, though I do plan on moving there one day.

Sadly, with corsets I have learned you get what you pay for. If you find a cheap corset, it most likely will be just that- cheap.
And especially if you are tightlacing, you want to get a good fitted, strong corset

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I have 1 custom and (sometime) 3 more coming. My off-the-rack fits as good as my customt though.
The one I was wearing I have worn at least 100 times before and never had this issue, but for whatever reason it seems to be twisting. Yes, it is in the bonnig in the center back, the one that the grommets are by. Any good way to prevent it from twisting?